Sharing My Favorite Childhood Book With You

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Welcome, Parents!

Are you confused today by so many books out there for your student to read? How about trying out one of the classic fairy tales?


By: Daisy Fisher

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Every one loves a Disney Princess. Cinderella is the perfect love story that demonstrates how everyone finds their one true love. Cinderella has a mean step-mother that is not very fond of her. Cinderella plans to go the ball to meet Prince Charming but, her step- mother and step-sisters ruin her dress so that she cant attend. Her fairy godmother appears and gives her a new dress, turns a pumpkin into a carriage, and animals into escorts and rushes her off to the ball. Cinderella only has till midnight until everything returns to normal. Cinderella dances with Prince charming but, leaves in a rush and her glass slipper falls off. Will they ever be reconnected?

Why this is my favorite book?

This was my favorite book as a child because it was about far away lands, castles, princesses, and true love. Cinderella was a book that brought be joy and happiness. This book created an image in my head that maybe one day I could marry a Prince too.

Course content:

Cinderella can be used for grades k-3. This book could be used as a group read or private read. The questions who, what, where, when, and why could be answered.

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